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El Zapotal, an inexhaustible source of surprises and an invaluable site for the conservation of biodiversity in the state of Yucatan (Faller 2007).

The Protected Natural Area “El Zapotal” is an example of private conservation in the state of Yucatan, consisting of an area covering 2,358 hectares.  It has been recognized as an “Area of Conservation”, with a validity of “in perpetuity” certified by CONANP-29/2006.  Its acquisition by Pronatura Peninsula de Yucatan in 2002 responded to a strategy designed to conserve representative habitat of importance to birds as well as mitigate the strong pressures that agricultural activities were exerting on the Biosphere Reserve of Ria Lagartos.  Its purchase was achieved thanks to the support and alliance with the private conservation organization, The Nature Conservancy and the Mexican Program for the Conservation of North American Wetlands (NAWCA).

The overall objective of the “El Zapotal” Area of Conservation is to contribute to the conservation and direct protection of the critical habitat that it contains, thereby minimizing external threats that affect the enormous natural richness of the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, such as the advance of agricultural activities, illegal hunting, and fires.

Along with that, we contribute to the protection and conservation of critical wetland coastal areas and forests which allows for maintenance and increases the biodiversity and connectivity of the region, with particular emphasis on water conservation and the habitat of the avian fauna and wild felines.

A group of students form CCBA-UADY, realized a quick assessment of the birds at El Zapotal.

In two days they recorded 105 species of the 229 reported for this area. Stands out like the most abundant (Vireo flavoviridis) and other four species more catalogued like summer migratory.

These data show the relevance of the Zapotal as critical habitat for Neartic and Neotropical migrants.

For 10 years The Zapotal has reached its objetives to preserve vital habitats for birds (231 especies) and more wild life, working together with diferent sectors and local people.

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